Honed Granite vs Polished – Pros and Cons

When designing a home I was curious, for my own renovation fantasies, what would be an upgrade for my kitchen? I began to research and found that granite kitchen counter tops would be the best improvement. I could tell from a quick search that granite is a popular choice in home design and remodeling for kitchen counter tops. I discovered the main reasons for granite’s popularity in a kitchen are:

  • Adds elegance and style to any almost any kitchen
  • It’s known for its resilience, hardness, and its easy maintenance
  • Granite’s scratch-proof, heat resistant and durability makes it ideal for meal preparation

However, the finish of the stone is perhaps the more important detail that many may not know off hand. The finish of stone can greatly change the aesthetic and use that a granite counter top can give to your kitchen. Honed finish has a satin or matte look, whereas polished finish has a glossy and reflective appearance. Polish is considered the finest of finishes, giving the home a more elegant and classy feel. Honed finish has a softer effect on the aesthetics of a home and many prefer its cozy, subtle beauty. Which is better? Well, no matter what finish you choose the material is still durable, resilient and more ideal than any other choice. It’s really up to what your particular home needs are and what your personal tastes prefer but here’s what I consider the pros and cons of each:


  • It’s sealed, meaning that its easier to clean
  • Easier to clean means it needs less maintenance
  • Perfect for homes and surfaces that have high traffic.


  • Glossy texture makes it slippery, which limits its use to countertops
  • The reflective nature can emit light giving a brightness or glare in areas of the home where lots of light comes through


  • Less slippery making it more ideal for flooring
  • Cozy and subtle nature can bring a quite classic look
  • keeps a low light reflection


  • Much more porous and softer, meaning it can be difficult to clean
  • Unsealed pores can trap in food and other elements that might make it unsanitary
  • Harder to clean means more need for maintenance