When to call a professional to retore your granite

Granite and other natural stones are beautiful, durable products for enhancing your home’s flooring and countertops. Despite their durability, these products do require occasional maintenance and care. Most care can be done by the owner but there are several occasions where you might want to reach out for professional care, this article covers those occasions.

Scratches and Gouges

Stone is great for countertops because of its heat resistance. But sliding sometimes heavy pots and pans over the surface can create unsightly gouges and chips. Similarly, stone flooring in high-traffic areas can become scratched over time. While light scratches can be hidden with general maintenance deep scratches require a professional to grind and refinish the stone.

Etching and Dullness

Acidic products like orange juice and some household cleaners can eat through stone sealer and cause etching on the stone’s surface. This etching can be prevented by regularly (about once a month) using a stone sealing product and cleaning spills promptly. Should the acid eat through the protective layer, it will look like water spots that cannot be cleaned. Professional care will be required then to restore the shiny look of the stone through grinding, buffing, and sealing to restore the manufacturer’s finish.


Chips will occur around the edges of stone countertops, where the counter overhangs the cabinets. Heavy objects placed or dropped near these areas will not be supported by the cabinet carcass, leading to easy cracking and chipping. Small chips, especially those on the surface, may be repairable with superglue. For large chips, keep the broken pieces and call a restoration expert who will come with special resins and tools to bring the stone back to its original beauty.

If you see any of the above indicators, look for a professional in Las Vegas that can do restoration work on your granite and return its original beauty. Then follow their recommendations for maintenance and you will be able to enjoy your natural stone for years to come.