Travertine Kitchen Floor Design Ideas, Cost and Tips

Travertine is one of the most beautiful floor design and counter top design stones to have in your home because it compliments almost anything, and aside from that it is easy to clean you just have learn some tricks. Wine, juice and even citrus can scuff up this beautiful stone, because although it is a stone it isn’t nearly as rough as granite. Its polish will come off with too many interactions with these substances but there is ways to prevent these casualties all together. It may seem like work but its so worth it to have such a gorgeous stone in your home.

You can try sealing the stone itself or you can try some of these preventative care tips. Always use coasters when putting anything that could produce a water ring at the bottom of the cup. If you do need to clean it make sure you use soft towels instead of course ones to prevent scratching. If you have Travertine for flooring make sure you have rugs at every entry way in your house to prevent scratching form abrasive shoes that are worn outside. Its also import that when you mop the floor design to not use anything with an acidic agent since it will also eat up the sealant on the stone. If you want to place candy trays or anything of that nature as kind of a permanent decor item make sure you put a place mat or something underneath it that will prevent “etching” which is where something hard such as glass or metal cuts small pieces out of the stone permanently.

There are many things you want to prevent doing with these counter tops and flooring, one of the most important is to buy specialty cleaning supplies since most cleaning agents contain high volumes of acidic ingredients that will damage your travertine for good. Also its important to be cautious of everything you leave on the counter, especially in the bathroom. Never leave hairspray, or nail polish remover on your counters because it will destroy the sealant and go right into the stone. If you are mopping never leave large puddles of water anywhere.