Travertine – good enough for rome | but is it right for Your home?

What is Travertine?

Travertine is a building material that has been used by many to forge popular structures such as the Roman Colosseum and, more modernly, the walls of the Sears Tower in Chicago. Formed by rapid precipitation of calcium carbonate, travertine is a sedimentary stone that is now used by many for the choice of both counter tops and flooring in homes.


However, due to its natural pitted surface texture, many also use this form of limestone for decorational purposes. It works brilliantly as a stand-alone piece of decor especially if the rock can provide a contrast in color to the rest of the room’s furnishings. In addition, many prefer it simply for the wide range of colors it can come in. With colors from gold, red tones, ivory, and beige to pick from, there are options that are able to suit every need. Other than counter tops and flooring, it can be used as other elements for the home such as:

  • pools
  • driveways
  • walls
  • and money more!


Nevertheless, if using for counter tops, it can be a little bit harder to care for as it reacts quite quickly to acidity. Therefore, if a spill happens, it needs to be wiped quickly in order to ensure its desired appearance. Alkaline-based cleaners do the trick for this pretty well due to its ability to neutralize the acid. If seen necessary, stone sealants can also help protect its surface and diminish the need to worry as much, making it more kid-friendly. As for long-term maintenance, a polishing protector should be used as an additional guard.


All in all, travertine can be a good choice for counter tops and flooring if cared for properly. Moreover, it’s up to you to decide if you want to keep its original rough and tough appearance or to fill it before adding to your home.