Travertine Cleaning & Sealing Services

Travertine is a natural stone that has been used in home construction for thousands of years. Travertine cleaning and restoration services involve the removal of unsightly stains from the floor and installing new sealants to protect the investment. There are many ways to clean and restore stone, including using abrasive materials, but stone floors are much easier to maintain and keep clean with the use of sealants. Many homeowners may choose to clean their own stone floors, but hiring a professional installer who is experienced in the field is advised due to the size and shape of Travertine tiles and the specialized tools necessary to properly perform the recommended maintenance schedule.

Kitchen and Bathroom Travertine Tile Cleaning Service for Floors & Walls

The easiest way to enhance the beauty of Travertine flooring is through sealing it. Sealants will block moisture from seeping into the stone, protecting it from cracking and fading. The first step is to apply a penetrating sealant to the entire floor surface. There are many available sealants available on the market, but most are acrylic based sealants that are designed to penetrate deeper into the stone to prevent water damage from the above mentioned contaminants. Abrasive cleaners are not recommended as they can dull the finish and provide uneven coverage.

Once a sealant is applied, you will be able to clean Travertine tiles by either a brush or vacuum. However, if there is a lot of dirt or grease, then a pressure washer is recommended to remove it. A pressure washer works by spraying warm water at high pressure against the dirt to loosen the dirt and grease. The hot water will also penetrate the pores of the natural stone to help lift away the dirt and oil trapped underneath. It is important to remember that pressure washing should be performed once a week to help increase the life of the sealant and will ensure that the floor is sealed and looking new for longer.

If the travertine has a large amount of dirt or grime in it, then it may be recommended to use a power washer to thoroughly clean the travertine. A power washer works by spraying hot water at high pressure against the dirt to loosen it and allow it to be removed. After it has been removed, a chemical stripper is used to strip the old sealant off the travertine. This process helps to prepare the surface of the stone for sealing. After the stripper has worked, it is important to allow the stone to dry completely before sealing.

The next step in the cleaning and sealing process is to remove all excess sealant from the surface of the travertine. There are a variety of different products that can be used to accomplish this task. These include both a chemical stripper and a power washer. When doing so, it is important to be sure to only use a chemical stripper that is designed for stone. This is to reduce the chance of damage to the travertine or the sealing process itself.

Maintenance: The Key to Keeping that Travertine Floor Looking New

After the travertine has been cleaned and any excess sealant has been removed, it is time to apply the sealant. The easiest way to apply the sealant is to simply place it on the surface of the stone. Before applying any sealant, you should make sure the area is well ventilated. You should also wear protective gloves so that no airborne debris or chemicals are accidentally added to the air during the application process.

Once the stone has been cleaned and any excess sealant has been removed, it is time to install the travertine. The installation process is pretty simple. Most stone installed in this manner will come with an installation guide. The guide will tell you the steps required to properly install the stone, including leveling and preparation of the area. If the stone is to be used in a bathroom, it is important that you make sure it is level before installing it, as otherwise you may have a difficult time installing it without creating a run in the floor.

Some travertine will come pre-sealed. If your chosen company offers this service, you should be able to install the stone without any additional sealing or cleaning services being required. If you decide to do the installation yourself, it is important that you pay close attention to the instructions given to you by the installer. Failure to follow the directions can result in damage to the stone and, in many cases, the loss of the stone. Travertine cleaning & sealing services will offer you the best opportunity to enjoy the beautiful, unique stone that was placed by the original owners thousands of years ago.