The history of limestone

How To Clean And Repair Your Limestone Tile And Countertops

Limestone can be found in many products from concrete to toothpaste. This rock is also used for counter tops, to line gardens, as a soil conditioner, and turned into tiles for flooring in homes. If you have limestone tile or counter tops, then you have come to the right place for helpful information in regards to how to clean these areas.

Shifting or Cracking Tiles

If you have limestone tile floors and notice they are starting to shit, then do not make a hasty decision to simply rip up your floor and start over. Instead, you can contact a specialist who can assist you with your needs. More than likely the adhesive under the tiles is not level, and this can often lead to the tiles separating from the adhesive. There is also the possibility that your sub floor is shifting or settling. If you notice cracks around the edges of the tiles, then you can easily have this problem remedied with the help of a qualified specialist.

Cleaning Your Floors and Countertops

If your limestone floor is in perfect condition but in need of a cleaning, then you can easily follow these instructions to restore your floor to its original beauty. It is necessary to clean your floors and countertops with a neutral pH cleaner. If you can not find a solution that works for you, then you can opt to use warm water and detergent that is mild. Do not ever use anything rough to clean your countertops or flooring.

Regardless if you are cleaning indoor tiles or outdoor pavers it is essential that you do not use a cleaner that is acidic. You can easily destroy your beautiful floors or pavers if you do not use the proper tools. If you have any questions in regards to your flooring or countertops, then do not hesitate to contact a qualified specialist that can assist you with your specific needs.