The Different Types of Slate Tile Flooring

The Three Types Of Slate Tile Flooring


Slate tile is a highly reputable natural material that is used for flooring. It is usually obtained from down the earth, especially from mountains. A slate is made of various raw materials that exist underground, which have been compressed together naturally. It is this sturdy and robust mineral that is used for flooring our houses. It comes in an array of colors but mostly exits in black, gravy, and dark green colors. It can also be used for wall tiling, roofing, among other uses. This article describes three types of slate tile flooring.

Gauged Slate Flooring

A gauged slate is a slate that has been ground or cut on the backside and made to flat surface. You can also flatten the other side, but you do not have to. The fact that it has a flat surface makes it easier to install as compared to the ungauged slate, which has a rough surface hence difficult to install. Most of the time, ungauged slate is used for outside flooring and gauged slate tiles preferred for indoor uses. Gauged slate has an even and thicker surface that makes it smooth and flatter but is more expensive as compared to an ungauged slate.

Natural Slate Flooring

It is also known as cleft slate tile flooring because of the surface of the slate. This type of tile flooring involves the installation of the slate naturally, just as it is without the smothering or flattening the rough surface. The advantage of this type of slate flooring is that it is durable because it cannot be damaged or chipped easily. Another advantage is that it does not require regular cleaning and sweeping. It gives your floor a natural rustic look that is romantic and attractive. The disadvantage with it is that it can become uncomfortable walking on it barefooted.

Honed Slate Flooring

In this type of flooring, the slate tile is polished smooth, and the surface looks glossy and flat, as well. It gives your house a modern look though the natural brilliance of the slate can be diminished. You can opt for honed slate tiles for your indoor applications.