River Mountains Loop Trail

The River Mountain Loop Trail is the result of public and private cooperation.  Its measures approximately 34 miles in length.  The outdoor loop is filled with scenic views, wildlife, and lots of sand (I mean beautiful desert views).
When you talk about public works projects, you never think about the time and effort it takes for a project of this size to actually happen.  30 members, representing various community members, met once a month for 16 years to move the project forward.

Only 16.7 miles of the trail are actually in Lake Mead.  The trail is dedicated to walking, biking, and in some specific areas Horse Back riding.  Motorized vehicles are not allowed.  The path goes by the Lake Mead Marina, Lake Mead RV Village, Boulder Beach campground, Lake Mead Lodge, and Lake Mead employee housing.


Despite the record low levels of Lake Mead, the views along the trail of the lake are amazing.  If you’re not looking for a Tour De France type challenge I highly encourage you to check out renting a batter bike.  You’ll reach speeds of 20mph on the downhill and benefit from some assistance on the up hill climb.  Don’t for one second think that this is the easy way out, even with battery assist you’ll need to put in a good amount of physical effort.  But trust me its all worth it and you’ll be reward with great views.