Red Rock National Conservation Area

Take a Break from Las Vegas, NV and Visit Red Rock Canyon

The Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area is approximately 30 minutes (15 miles) off of the strip.  It’s a great place to get out of your car and stretch your legs.  Hiking, Climbing, and biking.  But first you’ll have to stop by the wonderfully done Visitor Center.  There’s a beautiful panoramic window that frames Red Rock Canyon, it’s a must see.  There are also maps for all of the different hiking trials.  If you have the kiddos with you they can also sign up for the Junior Ranger program. The Conservation Area is full of steep climbs and breathtaking views, make sure to bring a camera and hiking boots.

If you’re a seasoned rock climber, I’m certain you aren’t learning about Red Rock Canyon’s world class climbing spots from me.  For everyone else, if this is something you are interested in doing make sure you hire a Climbing guide.  There are plenty of spots for beginners but there are also world class climbs that you don’t want to find yourself on.  You also don’t need to climb to hike up and see how its done.  Watching is fun.

If you are looking to raise your Instagram game, there are plenty of spots to get really cool shots.  Because the scenic loop is one way, make sure you look up online where you want to stop.

If you are looking for a challenging climb, Red Rock Canyon is awesome for road cycling.  Be warned, parts of this loop are so steep I saw several people walking their bikes.  I also observed several cyclists passing us on the way down in excess of 45 mph.  So make sure you staying alert with all of the pedestrian and bike traffic it really does keep you in the loop.  The views certainly did not help, but I quickly learned to stop and park to take in the views, I recommend you do the same.