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Paradise Nevada, otherwise known as one of the biggest parties and hot spots for adult entertainment and gambling in the world. This city was established officially in 1950 and is truly one of the most lively places you can ever travel to. Visiting this community is truly an unforgettable time and should be on everyones bucket list.

The city its self Is relatively small in geography but is home to thousands of people and tourists at any given time. The city is home to the University of Nevada and also the Las Vegas monorail which travels people around directly to different casinos in a high speed train that moves your high through the city. Its absolutely beautiful to see everything at night with all the lights on and people out walking around. Although Paradise is considered unincorporated, if it was considered corporate it would be the fifth largest city in the state. Although Paradise is less talked about or known than Las Vegas, it is actually home to the McCarran International Airport, which means when you are flying into “Las Vegas” you are actually flying into Paradise.

Paradise Nevada is one of the coolest places to be because aside from the gambling the city is full of beautiful landmarks and art galleries, one that is really popular is the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art, this museum is located inside the hotel Bellagio and is one of the most grand hotels in the city. The Bellagio is well known for its magnificent water shows that sprays hundreds of feet high in front of the hotel and also has a light show at night. If you are more into shows Paradise also offers a beautiful ballet show in theatre at the Nevada Ballet Theater, if you haven’t been you should definitely check and see all it has to offer.o