How to Make Terrazzo Floors & Countertops Shine

Dazzling, Durable, and Delightful

Is this how you describe your Terrazzo Tile Floors? If not, then your floors may need a deep cleaning. Terrazzo has been placed in homes for decades and it’s no mystery as to why. The nearly seamless finish, the liquid stone shine…Terrazzo can be breath-taking when a proper cleaning is applied. But what is the best way to keep your tile floors and counter tops in their finest form?

Addressing Topical Issues, or Getting to the Root…

There are two schools of thought out there regarding best practice for the cleaning of Terrazzo tile floors and counter tops. The first school believes that the homeowner can simply apply some chemical agents and a buffer and therewith restore Terrazzo to its glory; whereas the second espouses that more refined and serious “tools of the trade” need be applied.

With the utilization of simple buffers and cleaners, it is argued that without going deep the homeowner will end up buffing the tile floors and counters to a beautiful shine…only to have the slick glossiness highlight all of the imperfections that weren’t addressed by the inability of a simple buffer or brush to get rid of the nitty gritty.

While it’s possible to achieve a beautiful shine without industry equipment, many homeowners fail to account for the fact that, no matter how durable, a floor is a floor — and it takes a beating. Scuffs, scrapes, and dings all wreak havoc on a tile floor or counter top leaving behind sometimes imperceptible damage. To remedy this problem, a mechanical diamond polisher is implemented prior to the floor being brought to its beautiful luster. The diamond polisher removes these imperfections in the tile floor or counter top thus delivering a smooth surface to the buffing process.

To Hire or Not to Hire

Before you make the decision to buff your own floors, contact your local stone restoration company. Most will come to your home and evaluate your needs. You will then receive an accurate assessment of the state of your Terrazzo floors and counter tops. Once you armed with the knowledge of how to best approach restoring your Terrazzo to its glory, you will then be able to make the best decision for your situation.

If renting equipment and enduring the literal grind sounds like a bit more than you can handle, a stone restoration company can be a great option for the owner of Terrazzo floors or counters. They can handle all your grinding and buffing needs, bringing in all the necessary equipment and knocking out the back-breaking work.