How to Deep Clean Terazzo Tile Floors

Deep Cleaning Terazzo Tile Floors

I’ve often wondered how terazzo tile floors are kept so shiny. In my mind, it seems almost criminal to walk across them in high heels but their luxurious sparkle beckons me forward while I silently make apologies for whomever has to clean them. However, deep cleaning terazzo flooring is not as daunting as it seems. With regular upkeep, they can last a good eight to ten years before needing their next polish and buff.

Much like any other floor, daily sweeping will keep a terazzo floor free from debris that could scratch or scuff the surface. Once the floor has been thoroughly swept, daily to weekly mopping should be done with a neutral stone cleanser. Bleach, vinegar, oils and wax should be avoided. All purpose cleansers can also damage the finish. A PH neutral cleanser mixed with warm water is best for cleaning terazzo floors. A second pass with the mop and just warm water will help ensure all the dirt and excess cleanser is removed. For best results, use a shammy towel to make sure excess moisture is removed while protecting the polish layer with a soft rag. About every six months, a thin layer of polish should be applied to the floor and buffed with a machine. Machines are easily rented or purchased from local hardware stores. Buff in slow, circular motions until the desired sheen has been reached. Deep cleaning a terazzo tile floor twice a year will prevent etching and staining.

That’s it! Cleaning terazzo tile floors really is that simple! Using non-abrasive materials and alkaline/acid free cleansers will keep the tile floors from scratching, drawing out the need for a deep clean. The materials used are as important as the regular maintenance itself. They may look high maintenance, but terazzo floors are as durable as they are beautiful.