Floyd Lamb park

Floyd Lamb Park is a public park in Las Vegas, Nevada about 20 miles north of the strip.  Here’s what you need to know before you book a trip:

  • Park Hours 7:00AM to 5:30PM (7 Days a week)
  • They only take Cash
  • Cost of Entry: $6 per car or $1 per person, whichever is more.
  • Yearly passes are $45 good until December of the year purchased
  • Fishing License required to fish the ponds.

Floyd Lamb is actually located in Tule Springs.  If you really want to enjoy Nevada you need to get outdoors.  And Floyd Lamb might be Las Vegas’ best kept secret.  Plenty of grass and fresh air, exactly what a park should be, and is literally the definition of a desert oasis.

Floyd Lamb Park has a colorful history.  Originally establish as a ranch in 1905, born the same year as Las Vegas.  2040 acres of picnicking, barbecues, grass and ponds.  The 4 ponds are stocked with rainbow trout and there’s a three fish limit.  I can’t describe enough how shaded the park is with all of the trees providing relief from the dessert sun.  The ponds are filled with ducks, lots of ducks.  

If you’re interested in Large Pleistoscene paleontologic sites in western North America, you’re in luck because Tule Springs Ranch is one of the best.  You can see fossil remains of mammoths, bison, horses, camels, giant sloths that have been found in Tule Springs from a much cooler time.  Tule Springs was also a cattle and Alfafa ranch.  The wooden building from its ranch days are still there today.

Its a local Las Vegas secret, a true gem in the desert, I hope you venture out and experience what it has to offer.