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Marble flooring is beautiful, resilient, and stunning.  The catch is it’s pores require a specialized maintenance program to keep that floor looking stunning. Stains and scratches can be easily removed with professional expertise.  Night and Day Stone Restoration has over 10 years of experience operating professionally.  That’s a lot of time running floor machines and handheld devices while polishing natural stone.  Despite the hard labor, the results our team is capable of delivering are absolutely stunning.  Be ready to have your floors and countertops complimented by anyone that enter your home or place of business.

First Polished and Honed marble are two different types of finishes.  Polished marble has a high gloss and reflectivity and enhances the color of any stone.  Some people describe polished stone as looking deeper.  Honing gives a satin look with low reflectivity and softens the shine and lowers the reflectivity.  You can often hear people call this look as a warmer.

When you are talking about marble restoration honing and polishing refer to two different steps in the process.  Honing is used to remove the top surface of the marble.  Professionals use diamond pads to cut down the top of the counter top or flooring.  This removes any deep scratches along with any surface stains on the marble.  Because marble is porous, dirt has a tendency in high traffic areas to darken the color of the stone, honing will brighten its appearance.

Polishing uses either a paste or dry powder to remove scratches from the surface.  Usually a 3-5 step polish using a mechanical polisher can restore marble to a like new appearance.  Polishing results in that timeless mirror finish brings class to any room.

If you have Travertine or Marble floors  counter tops and want to restore them to better than new, call us at (702) 809-8436 or send a message.