Dispelling Some Terrazzo Restoration Myths

Avoiding Common Misconceptions in Caring for Your Terrazzo Surface

There are many myths that exist around the topic of caring for and cleaning terrazzo flooring and counter-tops. Some will say that the flooring and other surfaces can just be covered up. From others, you may hear that it only takes a few steps for the complete restoration of terrazzo surfaces. You might even hear that shiny terrazzo floors are slippery and potentially hazardous. The truth is that these floors, while they are beautiful additions to the home, do require a diligent amount of work which may take more than a few days and steps to obtain complete restoration.
With this in mind, you may be wondering what is the proper way to clean and restore terrazzo floors. We recommend that you do not use harsh cleaners on any terrazzo surface as these can induce etching from their acidic natures. Sweep off your counters, and floors in a singular direction to collect dirt. Then scrub the surface using two buckets of water. In one of the buckets make sure to add ½ cup of natural stone cleaner. These can be abrasive to the skin, so make sure to wear gloves. Once you’re finished dry the floor with a towel.

What we think is important to remember is that terrazzo surfaces are not granite. Terrazzo is more delicate. They often times stain a lot easier as well, because of this they require more in terms of clean up and maintenance. Meaning that if something is spilled on to them, they should be cleaned as soon as possible. A terrazzo surface well cared for and maintained can last upwards of twenty years. Whereas this is a possibility cracks are likely to appear after the years of use. The reasons as to why cracks appear aren’t always clear, but the good news is that they aren’t hard to repair. With repairs, it’s important to be realistic, with older floors the color may fade and more work may be needed in fixing the surface. However, no matter the repair needed terrazzo floors are a great addition to your home. Make sure to stay up to date with the latest information and they will last for a very long time.