Different Types of Granite

Granite comes in different colors and markings.  The following list covers the major different types of granite you could have in your home.

  • Black Pearl Granite: black with silver, gold, green, brown, and grey specks.
  • Black Galaxy Granite: black with golden spots.
  • Giallo Ornamental Granite: White with quartz swirls.
  • Moon White Granite: White with tones of ivory, grey, silver, and dark black specs.
  • Steel Gray Granite: Shades of gray and light grey.
  • Bianco Antico Granite: Quartz with specks of pink on a grey base.
  • St. Cecilia Granite: different shades of grey.
  • River White Granite: White with blues and greys with specs of dark red.

Grades of granite

Grading of granite is used to categorize the quality of granite.

Level I: Measuring 3/8″ in thickness.  Simple run of the mill colors.

Level II: measuring > 3/4″ in thickness.  These usually originate from Brazil or India and have fairly complex patterns.

Level III: Absolute Luxury.  Only the finest granite is given this level and the thickness usually measure >2″.

Granite typically takes 20-60% quartz, 10-65% feldspar, and 5-15% micas.  These minerals help create the amazing types of granite listed above.  You can see with the wide range of mineral composition that each piece of granite is unique and colors can vary.

Wondering what your Granite is made of?

If you granite has milky white color it likely has Quartz.  Feldspar produces an off white look.  Potassium Feldspar will come off as light pink or specks of red.  Biotite will look black or dark brown.  Muscovite will have a yellow to gold look.  Amphibole will look black to dark green.

All of these different granites have the large grains.  For a stone to qualify as granite it needs to have at least 20% quartz.

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