Cleaning Terrazzo Floors: Mistakes to Avoid

Cleaning Your Terrazzo Floors

Terrazzo cleaning may require some elbow grease in order to properly clean but it is definitely easier if you follow the correct instructions. Here below we will mention Some useful techniques when it comes to terrazzo cleaning. We highly encourage that you follow these instructions in order to avoid any kind of terrazzo damage.

The first step is to sweep your terrazzo floors properly from one end to the other. Next, you will want to lightly mop your floors using a damp mop making sure the cleaner you are using is non-acidic and non-alkaline. Once your floor has been properly swept or mopped. We recommend that you then use a Terrazzo sealer or marble sealer to your floor by applying the sealer to the floor with an applicator brush or floor roller. This will help prevent any kind of terrazzo damage. It is important to note that while many people may use vinegar to clean floors because it is a natural cleaner we do not recommend using vinegar for terrazzo cleaning because it can eventually cause long-term terrazzo damage.

Another excellent technique for cleaning terrazzo floors is sprinkling a polishing powder on the terrazzo floors. Use a commercial buffing machine to apply the powder and in order to avoid staining the floor, using light-colored pads will help. The process of using a buffer machine can be concluded once most of the powder has been worked into the terrazzo floors. We highly recommend that you lightly mop your floor again and if you feel it is necessary you can always use the buffer once again to make your floors shine even more. We would also like to mention that your cleaning technique can always be simplified by using a dry and soft cloth to clean any and all stains. However, we do recommend that your cloth be completely free from lint. We hope these tips have helped you and we wish you happy, shiny terrazzo floors.