care instructions for limestone kitchen countertops

Limestone Kitchen Countertops: Care and Instructions

If you are searching for natural stone countertop or floors that are an alternative to regular natural stone countertop, limestones (natural stone) is a great option. It is one of the best natural stone options available and it is durable and is used for countertops, floors, pavers and outdoor tile.

The natural stone is elegant, and it also boosts light colors that can be easily embedded in any interior design. It will fit no matter the style or decor of the kitchen, which makes it one of the most frequently used and the most popular natural stone worldwide. It was used to create some iconic structure, such as the Great Pyramid, the Lincoln Memorial, the Parthenon.

Care and Maintenance

While the natural stone is elegant and it will fit any decor. It will come with significant upkeep when compared to marble, granite, and other natural stone surfaces. With proper care, sealant and treatment, counter top can last a lifetime.

Proper Care

The natural stone needs special care because it can easily stain from acidic food, can absorb liquids, and it can scratch easily. The natural stone is susceptible to stains from black tea, lemon juice and other acidity food or liquids. Any spills should be clean immediately.


The natural stone should not be cleaned with your routine cleaners. If a cleaner that is designed for limestone is not available, a cleaner with neutral pH or warm water and mild detergent will suffice. Use a washcloth or soft rag instead of cleaning supplies that can scratch the surface, such as items with rough surfaces or a sponge.


The natural stone scratch easily, so knives should be used with a cutting board. If there are scratches, use steel wool to buff small scratches or use a polishing compound that is normally used to remove scratches from grout or cars.


Because the natural stone can easily scratch and absorb liquid, you should have them professionally sealed when you purchase them. After that, you should use a water-based sealant to seal them every year. For added protection, cleaning sprays with sealing properties can be used weekly or monthly. To seal your countertops, follow the below steps.

1. Clean the countertop thoroghly with a microfiber cloth and let dry for 24-72 hours.
2. Apply sealer and let it soak for 30 minutes. Wipe off the surface with a microfiber cloth.
3. Use one or two coats as needed and allow it to dry thoroughly for least 24 hours.

The natural stone is among the world most beautiful natural stone that is available. It is incredibly elegant, and the bold, bright colors can match any minimalist design. Overall the natural stone is great for its natural beauty. With a honed or matte finish, you can minimize your upkeep because the finishes can reduce the visibility of scratches more so than the polished finish.