Best Marble Care Tips


Nothing worse than doing the opposite of what you intended.  And in an effort to take care of your marble using an acidic cleaner will damage the marble overtime.  I’m not just talking about harsh chemical cleaners, Vinegar is very acidic and not safe for marble.

Wipe Up Spills Immediately

You’d be surprised what can cause a stain.  I can still remember my first olive oil stain.  I thought my counter was ruined forever.  If you do spill and create a stain it can be removed.  But its nothing a quick paper or kitchen towel can’t handle without all the extra work.  

Clean as you go

Marble is beautiful and like all beautiful things in needs extra care.  You would be surprised how many potential stains you stop by ensuring that basic house keeping is done.  Wipe down the counters with a wet cloth and get any potential staining material away from your amazing marble.

Spot Treat

It’s inevitable if you are living in your house and using your marble.  Which I encourage you to do, marble is a stone that is made to be lived on.  And in the instance you do get a stain, use a marble poultice to remove it.  Keep in mind the longer the stain sits, the harder it is to get out.  Applying your poultice sooner than later is better.

Sweep and Mop that Floor

Unfortunately marble needs regular maintenance.  Not sweeping and mopping will slowly embed dirt into the marbles porous surface.  Removal usually requires honing and polishing to remove the dirt tinted color.  Amazing how much works a broom and mop can save you.

Seal your marble regularly

So many people seal the marble the day its installed and then never again.  Slowly overtime it breaks down and customers think their marble floors are getting old and are just tired of the high maintenance.  Marble floors need to be sealed every 6-12 months in a typical household.  Once the sealer is gone the dirt starts to penetrate the marble its too late.  Seal your marble or hire a professional.